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5 Tips to Beat The Heat in New York

5 Tips to Beat The Heat in New York

We’re entering peak travel season for New York, and for anyone who has yet to experience the heat that comes with it, it’s essential you prepare. To help you stay cool, we’ve come up with a few simple tips to make your trip that much more enjoyable:

  1. Dress Appropriately
    And by appropriately, I mean comfortable footwear and loose clothing. Let your skin breathe and keep your feet supported. While you might want to reach for flip flops, keep in mind that it’s a busy city and you’re bound to get a toe stepped on now and then.
  2. Drink Water
    Considering you’ll be walking to most places, it’s essential to keep water with you to stay hydrated. You can absolutely stop for different icy beverages along the way to your destination, but don’t forget to replenish what you’re sweating out.
  3. Bring a Backpack
    Something small and compact should do the trick to bring everything you need for the day, like your bottled water. If you really want those flip flops with you, here’s your opportunity to bring a spare set of shoes with you.
  4. Map it Out
    Plan your route for the day to keep your trips as short and direct as possible. You’ll likely be walking everywhere, but if necessary, hop on a bus. Do your best to avoid the subway station as it tends to get even steamier down there than street level.
  5. Take a Dip
    You may be surprised to learn that you can find several rooftop pools throughout New York! We have several hotels with spectacular pools to let you escape the heat. Select any of the photos below to learn more about that hotel.

Enjoy the stunning view of Manhattan from the rooftop pool while sipping a handmade cocktail. This rooftop is peaceful and park-like, with attentive staff who focus on keeping their guests comfortable.

The pool is immediately recognizable thanks to the Andy Warhol portrait on the bottom. Enjoy full food and beverage service from Blue Ribbon Sushi Izakaya in the plush lounge seating or private signature cabana for up to eight people.

This heated rooftop pool is available year-round and is home to legendary pool parties in the trendy Meatpacking District. Once the sun goes down, this hot spot lights up with retro-style lighting and a hip crowd that gets the evening started.

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