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The Most Amazing London House Tours

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The Most Amazing London House Tours

Futuristic. Modern. Classic. Palatial. Cosy. Thanks to London’s expansive history and appreciation of the importance of preservation, there are myriad opportunities to explore a wide variety of private and public homes. Goodbye Pinterest, hello five wildly inspirational London house tours.

Futuro House
Originally designed as a Finnish ski lodge, the Futuro House looks like a spaceship from a ’50’s sci-fi movie. Fewer than 100 were ever built and artist Craig Barnes has landed his turquoise saucer at Central Saint Martins to sold-out audiences. Tours, held on the first Wednesday of every month, have been extended through July 2017. Tickets must be purchased in advance here.

Amazing London House Tours
Futuro House, The Terrace, Central Saint Martins, King’s Cross/ Photo credit: John Sturrock

Hampton Court Palace
Along with St James’s Palace, Hampton Court is one of only two surviving palaces that belonged to King Henry VIII. Highlights include the tapestry-filled Great Room, the tricky multi-cursal living puzzle maze, extraordinary gardens, the descendants of King Henry’s original deer herd, the Chapel Royal which has been in continuous use for more than 450 years and the oldest living grape vine in England. While palaces and stately homes are nearly a dime-a-dozen in London (and the rest of Britain), Hampton Court is the one not to miss.

Dennis Severs’ House
“Tour” and “museum” do not begin to describe the experience of spending time in the 1724 Georgian home of artist Dennis Severs. An American who loved all things English, he lived in the home in a period environment with fireplaces for heat and candles for light, much as its original occupants would have lived. But that’s not the magic of the place. Severs created a “still life drama” based on a fictional family of Huguenot silk weavers, providing an intimate portrait of their lives from 1724 through the early 20th century. Stepping across the threshold is like “passing through the surface of a painting,” with the narrative expressed through the sights, smells and sounds of a house inhabited by a family: footsteps, smoky light, creaking doors, whispers and conversations, the chiming of clocks and the sounds of familiar pets bring this spellbinding house to life.

Handel & Hendrix in London
Separated by a wall and more than 200 years are the homes of two musicians who chose London and changed music. An unlikely pairing, Baroque composer George Frideric Handel and rock superstar Jim Hendrix were West End neighbors. Two floors of Handel’s house at 25 Brook Street and Hendrix’s top floor flat at 23 Brook Street –  restored to its 1969 grooviness – are open for tours.

Leighton House Museum & 18 Stafford Terrace
These are two remarkable houses on the edge of Holland Park, just a few minutes walk from one another.

Described as “a private palace of art,” Leighton House Museum is the former home of the Victorian artist Frederic, Lord Leighton (1830-1896). The only purpose-built studio-house open to the public in the United Kingdom, it is a unique piece of 19th century architecture containing a collection of paintings and sculpture by Leighton and his contemporaries. While Leighton entertained many luminaries and Royals, including Queen Victoria, he lived alone, occupying the only bedroom in the palace.

From 1875, 18 Stafford Terrace was home of noted cartoonist Edward Linley Sambourne and his family (and their descendants). It not only provides a view into the personal lives of the Sambourne family, but a rare example of ‘Aesthetic interior’ style, which is known for its use of “foreign or exotic influences in the decoration of the home.” This can be seen by the various Japanese, Middle-Eastern and Chinese objects throughout the Sambournes’ home.

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