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5 Tips to Beat The Heat in New York

We’re entering peak travel season for New York, and for anyone who has yet to experience the heat that comes with it, it’s essential you prepare. To help you stay cool, we’ve come up with a few simple tips to make your trip that much more enjoyable: Dress Appropriately And by appropriately, I mean comfortable [...]
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More Than Just Parades – Memorial Day in NYC

Memorial Day typically marks the start of summer vacation season — when travelers start to get the itch to hop on a plane and do something fun in the sun.

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A Picture-Perfect Picnic in New York City

A picture-perfect picnic requires a minimum of two things: stellar food and a kick-ass location. Add in music, public art, renowned architecture, water features, the river, gardens and novelty and suddenly the simple picnic is elevated to a grand adventure. Here are three options - with two variations each - for getting out to eat al fresco, [...]
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NYC Pairings: The Sporting

City Pairings offer thematic itineraries, seasonally adjusted, that answer the six core questions of travel: Where should I stay? What should I do? What should I see? Where should I eat? What should I drink? and What should I buy? NYC Pairings: The Sporting is for those who love all things professional sports.

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IfOnly: Remarkable Curated Experiences

San Francisco-based company IfOnly describes themselves as “a marketplace for incredible experiences.” They pair clients with local and international experts in their field – as well as big-name celebrities – for once-in-a-lifetime opportunities such as Heli-skiing with Robert F. Kennedy, cycling with Patrick Dempsey or the ultimate adrenalin rush, a balloon expedition over Mount Everest.

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Daytrip Miami: Biscayne National Park

Just a few minutes by boat from Miami Beach lies an unusual kind of national park. Beyond the seascape of turquoise water for as far as the eye can see, its ample natural and man-made treasures – the coral reefs, mangrove swamps, shipwrecks and curious remains of human habitation – aren’t immediately apparent. That’s because ninety-five percent of its 172,000 […]

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NYC: Skating the Big Apple

Mother Nature may be fickle, but from November to March in New York City her whims are overridden; spaces are cleared, ice-making equipment is tuned up, and private and public outdoor skating rinks are constructed according to schedule. With nearly a dozen outdoor rinks dotted around Manhattan and the boroughs, skating is a fun, clever […]

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