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Category: Traveling with Children

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Experience Etiquette at The Plaza

Thinking of the Plaza Hotel in New York, many images conjure in your mind, from luxurious splendor to classic elegance. This hotel is featured in countless movies and has an undeniable foothold as one of the most famous hotels in the world for good reasons. So, what better place than The Plaza Hotel to teach you [...]
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A Picture-Perfect Picnic in New York City

A picture-perfect picnic requires a minimum of two things: stellar food and a kick-ass location. Add in music, public art, renowned architecture, water features, the river, gardens and novelty and suddenly the simple picnic is elevated to a grand adventure. Here are three options - with two variations each - for getting out to eat al fresco, [...]
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What to Do on a Beautiful Day in Brooklyn

Brooklyn is booming and it’s nearly impossible to narrow down a “To Do” list to just five ideas. But it’s okay to leave a few things for your next visit to the city, right?

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Discovering Art in Airports

With earlier check-in times due to increased security measures, passengers have become a captive audience at airports worldwide. While the downside is longer waits, the upside is the push by many airport authorities to make the experience more pleasurable. The installation of public art in airports – architectural builds, sculptures, water features, moving walkways, murals, mosaics, lighting […]

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Chicago’s Urban Farming Boom

Urban farming is an interesting lens through which cities can be explored. It invites people into communities, to meet the locals and learn more about a place from an organic perspective.

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Daytrip Miami: Biscayne National Park

Just a few minutes by boat from Miami Beach lies an unusual kind of national park. Beyond the seascape of turquoise water for as far as the eye can see, its ample natural and man-made treasures – the coral reefs, mangrove swamps, shipwrecks and curious remains of human habitation – aren’t immediately apparent. That’s because ninety-five percent of its 172,000 […]

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New York City Street Festivals: Eating Out & About

I remember the first time I stumbled across a New York City street festival. I literally came around a corner near Columbus Circle and there it was: vendor after vendor of food, arts, crafts, entertainment and services for as far as the eye could see. Indian, Asian, Italian, American BBQ and so much more – I […]

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Interview: Welcome to City Running Tours

CEO Michael Gazalah of Manhattan-based City Running Tours explains why exploring a city with the locals makes all the difference. Magellan: City Running Tours is based in New York but offers personalized running tours in cities across the U.S. and in Toronto, Canada. Would you talk about where your big idea came from? About how you got started? […]

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Boston Kids: 8 Outings for Growing Brains & Bodies

What to do with kids in Boston? Plenty! It's a big city with a small city feel, easy to get around in, with a bounty of accessible parks and public spaces even at its most urban core. 1. Bike the Freedom Trail The Boston Freedom Trail is 2.5 miles long and connects 16 significant historical landmarks [...]
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NYC: Skating the Big Apple

Mother Nature may be fickle, but from November to March in New York City her whims are overridden; spaces are cleared, ice-making equipment is tuned up, and private and public outdoor skating rinks are constructed according to schedule. With nearly a dozen outdoor rinks dotted around Manhattan and the boroughs, skating is a fun, clever […]

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