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Experience Etiquette at The Plaza

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Experience Etiquette at The Plaza

Thinking of the Plaza Hotel in New York, many images conjure in your mind, from luxurious splendor to classic elegance.

This hotel is featured in countless movies and has an undeniable foothold as one of the most famous hotels in the world for good reasons. So, what better place than The Plaza Hotel to teach you everything there is to know about class and elegance through the newly launched Etiquette Program now offered at the hotel.

Do you remember to keep your elbows off the table or to make eye contact when speaking to another person?  In today’s 24/7 online world many of the good manners and etiquette we learnt as children have been lost, or maybe just forgotten. Young professionals are experiencing issues networking in person at business events and often have reservations about making eye contact as they’re so used to being able to hide behind a screen.

The Plaza Hotel in partnership with Beaumont Etiquette founder, Myka Meier noticed this trend and created The Plaza Finishing Program as a solution.

Having been trained by a former member of the Queen of England’s household, Meier is bringing old fashioned etiquette with a modern twist to New York City. The courses feature topics such as Social, Business and Dining Etiquette. Even children and teens courses have been added to the lineup, to help teach children the basics. From how to address an adult, to properly hold cutlery, and even keeping up with modern times offering lessons in social media etiquette.

For adults looking for an etiquette refresh the Plaza Proper Etiquette Evenings course is a must!

The course runs on select Wednesday’s and focuses on different subjects ranging from social, business, and dining etiquette, while also including topics such as style and teaching adults how to be good hosts.

For those that are looking to get the full experience there is the Intensive Finishing Program. This five-hour course that covers how to dress for business, first impressions, how to network a room, and general business and dining etiquette.

The response to The Plaza Finishing Program has been overwhelming, with many classes selling out weeks in advance. Don’t miss your opportunity to freshen up your etiquette skills, sign up today and take advantage of this unique opportunity.

Beaumont Etiquette Founder Myka Meier - Experience Etiquette at the Plaza - Magellan Luxury Hotels

Beaumont Etiquette founder Myka Meier

Beaumont Etiquette Founder Myka Meier - Experience Etiquette at the Plaza - Magellan Luxury Hotels
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