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Get cozy at Chicago’s SOFA Art and Design Fair

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Get cozy at Chicago’s SOFA Art and Design Fair

Chicago has long been at the cutting edge of the world of art and design. One has only to explore the city’s many galleries or marvel at the breathtaking skyline to see the combination of form and function in action.

Which is why only Chicago could host such an event as the Sculpture Objects Functional Art + Design (SOFA) Fair. Running November 7-9 at Chicago’s Festival Hall at Navy Pier, SOFA is going into its 21st year, and typically draws around 35,000 guests over the weekend. Visitors peruse (and purchase) any manner of three-dimensional artworks that, according to the SOFA website, “cross the boundaries of fine art, decorative art and design.”

What does that mean, exactly? Well, to be precise, it means sculptures, wall-mounted art, furniture, bowls and much more made in a wide variety of materials: glass, metals, wood, minerals, and so on.

Check out the special exhibits such as The Craft School Experience, Comfort Me, and Beyond Boundaries: Wood Art for the 21st Century. Attend lectures by emerging artists as well as masters of their trade on topics such as aesthetics and ethics, growth and change, ceramics, and the future of glass. Stop by 2014 CONNECT, six design environments created by university departments featuring objects, lighting and seating. Get inspired.

Witness the ways in which people interact with the objects that adorn their living spaces, talk to artists about their inspiration, and purchase items you feel will enhance your home or office.

Had your fill of art and design? Fear not — Chicago’s got plenty to do that will move you in other ways. From the natural parks and walkways to first-class dining options as well as a myriad of other arts and cultural prospects, you’ll be sure to return home feeling enriched and invigorated.

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