Brilliant Hidden Bars in London

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Brilliant Hidden Bars in London

Whether you’re looking for a proper pint, a killer cocktail or a wonderful wine, there are countless watering holes of all styles and sizes throughout London. Ask 10 different Londoners where you should go and you’ll likely get just as many answers, if not more. But some of London’s best bars are a bit off the beaten track, or require a word-of-mouth recommendation to find. Here are just a few of those secret spots for you to search out on your next London adventure…

While Milk and Honey calls itself a bar and members’ club, a membership isn’t required to access the bar’s three floors and partake in a killer selection of fine wines and signature cocktails. Hidden behind a relatively inconspicuous plain-looking door, highlights of the oh-so-stylish bar’s drinks menu include a great selection of French Champagne and a cocktail program broken down by style (Restoratives, Pick-Me-Ups, Shorts & Sours, etc.).

Find the tea counter at St Martins Lane, look for the hand-shaped gold handle and make your way into Blind Spot, a speakeasy-type spot featuring cocktails inspired by global travels. Flavours from Louisiana to Madagascar to Amsterdam and beyond are highlighted on their “day” and “dusk” drink menu, and their selection of wine, whisky and other spirits will impress.

While Bourne & Hollingsworth is a killer spot for food and drinks, it’s in the cozy Below & Hidden where things really heat up on weekends. Open Friday and Saturday from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. only, the intimate space is ornately decorated and serves up unique cocktails with a live DJ. This is a prime spot not to be missed by those looking for an after-party vibe before calling it a night.

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