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Rate Policies
  • Rates do not include 20% VAT
  • Rates are based on room type booked
Hotel Fees Policies
  • Standard Speed Wireless: no charge
  • Rollaway: £50 per night
  • Crib: no charge
  • Pets Welcome: Non-refundable: £100 per stay (1 small-medium sized pet per room)
    Smoking Policies
    • Entire property is non smoking
    • A minimum of £500 deep cleaning fee will apply if anyone smokes in the room
    Check in/out Policies
    • Guests must be 21 years or older to check in
    • Check in 3:00 PM - Check out 11:00 AM
    • Early departure fees may vary
    Booking Policies
    • Major credit card required to hold room and is mandatory at check in
    • Requirements above may vary for holidays / special events
    • Guests must present a valid credit card upon check-in to cover incidental charges and the security deposit. The Front Desk will run authorization on your card so your bank or credit card company may reflect this by temporarily reducing your available balance or credit limit. It is not a charge. The authorization ensures that the card is valid and will be released 5 to 10 days after check-out, provided there is no damage, missing inventory, room charges, or excessive cleaning required. Amount authorized at this property: £120.00 GBP per night
    • Please note that if the owner of the credit card we have on file will not be present at check in, the person checking in at the hotel will need to provide their own credit card. If you need to make arrangements to prepay your stay (either for yourself or for someone else), please contact us immediately and we will forward you a Credit Card Authorization Form as hotels usually require a minimum of 7 days processing time.

    Hotel Amenities

    • Backyard
    • Madera
    • The Nest


    Founded on the ideas that inspire a child to build a treehouse, Treehouse London is located in iconic Marylebone, across the street from the BBC and a stone’s throw from the movers and shakers on Regent and Bond Streets. Enjoy the indoor-outdoor rooftop bar that offers 360-degree views of London, the savory restaurant featuring modern Mexican fare and the treehouse-like coffee and wine bar. Cozy and colorful rooms are perched high in the city skyline featuring bay windows overlooking London's hotspots.


    • Treehouse London’s rooftop oasis offers panoramic views of the London Eye, The Shard, Canary Wharf and Regent’s Park
    • Enjoy thought out features in rooms and suites such as bedside USB outlets, filtered water taps, blackout shades, organic bedding and more
    • With an ideal location making it super easy to explore the city, the hotel’s “fun finders” know all the best spots for the best local tips on anything your heart seeks
    • Enjoy Mexican cuisine at Madera, rooftop cocktails at The Nest and coffee and wine bar at Backyard
    • Focusing on intimate gathering spaces and connections, Treehouse London provides private dining/meeting rooms for an intimate feel
    • Thinking about what you cherish and miss while away, Treehouse Hotel celebrates found objects, nostalgic tunes, handmade details, and locally-sourced treats



    • Fort King

      King bed, Maximum occupancy of 2 people, 237 square feet, London skyline views, Located on higher floors, Window nook

      • x 1
        $0,00 /night View Room
      • Lookout King

        King bed, Maximum occupancy of 2 people, 258 square feet, Views of Regent Street, Located on higher floors, Window nook

        • x 1
          $0,00 /night View Room
        • Lookout Twin

          2 Twin beds, Maximum occupancy of 2 people, 256 square feet, Views of Fenchurch Street and The Shard, Located on higher...

          • x 1
            $0,00 /night View Room
          • Skyline Queen

            Queen bed, Maximum occupancy of 2 people, 258 square feet, Views of Canary Wharf and the London Eye, Corner room,...

            • x 1
              $0,00 /night View Room
            • Skyline King

              King bed, Maximum occupancy of 2 people, 247 square feet, Views of BT Tower and Regent Street, Located on higher...

              • x 1
                $0,00 /night View Room
              • Studio Suite

                King bed in an open floor plan, Maximum occupancy of 2 people, 395 square feet, Views of The Shard, Canary Wharf, and...

                • x 1
                  $0,00 /night View Room
                • Clubhouse Suite

                  King bed in an open floor plan, Maximum occupancy of 2 people, 431 square feet, Views of the BT Tower and Fenchurch...

                  • x 1
                    $0,00 /night View Room

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