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Luminato – Toronto Luxury Hotels

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Luminato – Toronto Luxury Hotels

Creativity — it’s at the heart of Luminato, a ten-day festival taking place June 14-23 in Toronto. Now in its seventh year, Luminato celebrates the arts — visual, audio, performance and more — at venues in and around downtown Toronto.

How to describe Luminato? Creation and collaboration by and between artists creates a melting pot of vision and inspiration. Whether in concert halls, clubs, parks, movie theatres or museums, the sharing of ideas between artists will create something truly special right before your eyes. Featured guests this year include Willem Dafoe, Sarah Harmer, Laurie Anderson, Rufus Wainwright and many more across the genres.

Luminato is also meant to engage the viewer, making the audience active participants in installations, displays and performances. The festival’s website describes a festival like Luminato as “one dimension of human activity that must still be experienced in person. It is a shared spectacle.” With the cross-section of creatives gathering in Toronto for Luminato — in visual arts, music, storytelling, dance, etc. — such a statement has never been truer.

The city of Toronto is itself a work of art — a beautiful, vibrant collection of neighborhoods, shops, restaurants and people. Book yourself time to take in the city’s markets, boutiques, nightclubs between Luminato events.

Deciding where to stay is often the most difficult part of going to Luminato. Magellan Vacations can help. Our Toronto Luxury Hotel Experts are available to find the best Toronto Luxury Hotel for you. Our services are complimentary.

Our Toronto Luxury Hotel Experts recommend,

Hazelton Hotel, 118 Yorkville Avenue, Toronto.

Windsor Arms Hotel, 18 St. Thomas Street, Toronto.

Thompson Toronto, 550 Wellington Street West, Toronto



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