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Magellan Luxury Hotels: Uncovered

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Magellan Luxury Hotels: Uncovered

As a Magellan Luxury Hotels client, you’ve called and we’ve booked you into a great hotel at a great rate – but do you know how we find those great hotels and get those great rates? It’s time to find out as we bring you a behind-the-scenes look at Magellan Luxury Hotels

Magellan Luxury Hotels: Uncovered.

Brother and sister, Dan and Dianna Davidson, opened Magellan Vacations in 2001. They saw a place for a luxury hotel booking service that offers exceptional rates and superior customer service to people who want a more personal approach than what could be found at a traditional travel agency or online booking site.

They decided to specialize in four-and-five star hotel bookings based on a unique model: Establish exclusive partnerships with luxury properties to give clients the best rates possible with access to all room categories, provided the rate is not published. It sounds simple enough, yet is a unique hotel/agency relationship.

We became Magellan Luxury Hotels in 2013 to make who we are clearer and, today, our volume of business and position in the industry – for example, in 2013 we booked over 100,000 rooms in New York City alone (that amounts to, wait for it, 274 rooms per day!) — allows us to negotiate these outstanding rates and benefits at top hotels.

But while our rates may be great, there’s more to us than that.

Our team has so much luxury hotel expertise that we could fill a thousand hotels with it. This means that you don’t need to know everything about hotels; we’ve been to each and every property in our primary hotel collection and will help find the right one for you. Those preferences are kept on file to make sure we book you into a hotel you’ll like each and every time, whether you call us at 1 a.m. or 1 p.m. (did you know we’re open late 365 days a year).

And there’s no time like the present to book: Every reservation is protected under our RateCheck program. Through our proprietary software, RateCheck reviews each booking twice per day and, if the hotel reduces their price outside of your cancellation period, your stay is re-booked automatically at the reduced rate. So when you make a reservation with us, you’re locking-in a rate that will not increase, but may, in fact, decrease without penalty.

The excellent value, outstanding rates, time-saving convenience, and confidence we give you in knowing that we are a world-leader in high-service luxury hotel reservations – at no fee to you – is its own kind of luxury, isn’t it?

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