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Neighborhood spotlight – Soho, London

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Neighborhood spotlight – Soho, London

There was a time when telling someone you were staying in or visiting London’s Soho neighborhood might have raised eyebrows.

For centuries the area was the hub of London’s sex trade; since the 1980s, however, the neighborhood has been transformed via gentrification and a new generation of Londoners who worked hard to change Soho’s reputation.

And while there are some hints of the taboo of the past to be found in Soho, for the large part the area has changed drastically. And while there’s still plenty of fun to be had in the area, these days it’s more along the lines of shopping, dining, drinks, and dancing (of the clothed variety).

Soho’s fantastic shopping experience caters to every taste. For everything fashion – boutique, department store and beyond – Oxford and Regent streets are where you want to be. Pick up artisan chocolates, the latest electronics, toys for the kids or some designer duds while you’re at it.

Hungry (and/or thirsty)? Like Soho’s shopping scene, area eateries run the gamut – from cozy, informal mom-and-pop joints to white-tablecloth fine dining. Want a Michelin-starred dining experience or a place to simply unwind and chow down? Either way, you’ve no shortage of options in Soho. Drinks and dancing more your scene? No worries. From speakeasies to dance clubs, pubs to chic lounges, Soho’s vibrant nightlife is sure to entertain.

On stage, the theater scene in Soho is always buzzing, with many of London’s premier theater companies staging performances at the legendary Prince of Wales Theatre, Prince Edward Theatre, Gielgud Theatre or the Lyric Theatre.

Many of the UK’s biggest names in music got their start in Soho. Eric Clapton, former Rolling Stones guitarist Brian Jones, the Sex Pistols and many more have lived in the area over the past half-century, and many rock icons such as Jimi Hendrix, the Stones, Elton John and more have worked, recorded and/or performed in Soho.

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