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New York as the Center of the Canine Universe

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New York as the Center of the Canine Universe

So, you want to bring your beloved dog to New York City?

The good news is New York is finally catching up to cities like Paris as a center of the canine universe. It’s become easier to not only accommodate dogs, but to pinpoint the best parts of the city in which to stay based on that critical dog + human social staple: the dog run.

Here’s a map of Magellan Luxury Hotels in New York overlaid with the city’s dog runs and dog-accessible parks. You can choose the hotel you love and know precisely what your furry beloved can expect in the way of walkies.

If you’re new to travelling with Fido or new to NYC, there’s also information on common hotel considerations, public travel options, eating out together, specific about dogs in Central Park and dog-friendly events taking place across the city.

Accommodating Your Dog in New York

Magellan’s partner hotels are keen to offer as great an experience for your beloved pet as they do for their human guests. Some even have “house dogs” as greeters, a perk for those who have had to leave Fido behind and need that extra bit of love.

Amenities and policies regarding pets vary by property, and your Magellan agent can help you decide which hotel best meets your needs. If you’re new to traveling with your pet, here are a few things to consider:

  • There may be restrictions on the weight and size of a dog
  • There may be a restriction on the number of dogs/pets per room
  • There may be an additional upcharge for adding a pet to your room
  • A damage deposit may be required
  • There may be rules around leaving a pet alone in your room

The resident concierge can arrange for dog walkers and sitters, emergency vet care, transportation, special dietary requirements and pet accessories as required.

Dogs About Town

Dog Event Page – Dog owners understand that their pet needs a social life, too. Here is a monthly calendar of NYC dog-centric events.

Dog-friendly areas of Central Park – With 23 accessible areas within the park, here are the expectations for canine behaviour as well as the finer details and restrictions of each area.

Westminster Kennel Club Show – This annual competitive extravaganza takes place every February and can be one of the most fun times to visit the city with your pet in tow.

Eating Out With Dogs

New York City’s Health Department has finally caught up to L.A.’s rules regarding dogs and dining. Dogs may now accompany human diner at restaurants that offer outdoor seating. However, individual restaurants will exercise the right to determine whether allowing dogs on premises is right for their business. Participating restaurants must post signs informing customers about the requirement for visiting dogs to be licensed and vaccinated against rabies. They will not, however, check papers at the door.

Restaurants accepting canine members of the public will need to provide a separate entrance (“a dog door”) and offer disposable, single-serve water bowls for its patrons. The expectation is that the pet must be well-behaved and remain on the floor. Working service dogs are welcome at all restaurants and other facilities.

FYI – Cats are not covered by this law.

Traveling the City With Dogs

Especially if you have large dogs, getting around the city other than on foot can be a little tricky. Here’s what you need to know about public and private transit.

The Buses & SubwayPets are permitted on both as long as they’re in a “container” and do not bother others. Apparently, pet owners are getting creative.

Taxis and Uber-like Services: At the discretion of the individual driver

Staten Island Ferry – Dogs must be caged or muzzled

Long Island Railroad: Small domestic pets must be crated and carried on the passenger’s lap; harnessed service animals are exempted

Metro NorthSmall domestic pets may be crated or securely leashed and must not take up a seat

New Jersey Transit & PATH: Pets must be crated; no size restrictions

Emergency Rides: Ask your concierge for help; he/she will have the best local solution

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