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Pike Place Market — Seattle’s crown jewel

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Pike Place Market — Seattle’s crown jewel

Why do over 10 million visitors make the trek to Seattle’s Pike Place Market every year? Well, for the past 100 years the area has combined great flavors, locally made artisanal crafts and innovation in one space.

In 1907, eight farmers set up shop and began selling their wares in the area. Today hundreds of farmers, craftspeople and other businesses open their doors and kiosks every day across the area’s nine acres for tens of thousands of visitors.

With so much to see and do at Pike Place Market, here are some of the key spots you shouldn’t miss:

The world’s first Starbucks

Yes, you can get the iconic chain’s lighter and darker roasts in thousands of outlets worldwide, but Pike Place Market is where it all started. Hey, they even named one of their coffees after the market.

The Tasting Room

Looking for something a little stronger than coffee? Check out The Tasting Room, a co-op of seven Washington wineries offering their wares in a Euro-style cave. If you’re not familiar with Washington State’s incredible red and white wines, you should go.

City Fish Co. and Pike Place Fish Market

Here are two fish stands doing it their own ways. City Fish Co. has been in the business since 1917, and takes pride in high-quality seafood brought in daily. Pike Place Fish Market, meanwhile, also delivers top-quality seafood, but with a bit more fun and flair for the customer.

Local artisans and crafts

Over 200 local and regional craftspeople sell their wares at Pike Place Market. Whether you’re looking for clothing, jewelry, toys, natural herbal products or art, you’re sure to find something that suits your taste.

Eating at Pike Place Market

It’s tough to make it through Pike Place Market without feeling a little peckish. And while there are plenty of ingredients to take away at Pike Place Market, there are a number of spots to chow down no matter what time you’re visiting or what you crave. Fine dining? Cafes? Takeaway counters, bakeries and bistros? Pike Place Market has it all.


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