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San Francisco’s incredible Union Square

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San Francisco’s incredible Union Square

Its name comes from the pro-Union rallies held in the area just prior to the Civil War. In the mid- to late-20th century it fell into disrepair.

Today, Union Square is a completely different animal — it has come to embody the heart of San Francisco. The 2.6-acre square/public plaza — bordered by Stockton, Post, Powell and Geary streets — is a beautifully preserved space to explore, surrounded by an incredible array of shops and services.

Union Square is the shopping hub of San Francisco. It’s home to an incredible number of boutique, luxury and department store outlets, including Saks Fifth Avenue, Abercrombie & Fitch, Giorgio Armani, Macy’s, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Prada and much more.

There’s also an incredible collection of art galleries bordering and near Union Square, adding to the cultural depth of the area. No matter what your taste or preference, the cross-section of artists on display around Union Square never fails to amaze.

Home to the American Conservatory Theater, Union Square boasts a plethora of entertainment suited to all ages and tastes. From local to national or international theater, virtually every established troupe has performed here. And as music goes, the area’s also a hub for traveling musicians of all stripes.

San Francisco’s a culinary hot spot, and Union Square is certainly no exception. Whether you’re looking for casual dining or white-tablecloth, multi-course feasts, rest assured you’ll have plenty of options to please your palate, many of which include some of the surrounding area’s best wines.

Of course, some of San Francisco’s best four- and five-star hotels are located adjacent to or nearby Union Square. Magellan Luxury Hotels can get you close to the action, featuring some of the best rates and the incredible, exclusive perks only Magellan can offer.

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