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Experience Etiquette at The Plaza

Thinking of the Plaza Hotel in New York, many images conjure in your mind, from luxurious splendor to classic elegance. This hotel is featured in countless movies and has an undeniable foothold as one of the most famous hotels in the world for good reasons. So, what better place than The Plaza Hotel to teach you [...]
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More Than Just Parades – Memorial Day in NYC

Memorial Day typically marks the start of summer vacation season — when travelers start to get the itch to hop on a plane and do something fun in the sun.

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A stay at Le Parker Meridien

Location, Location, Location… This is one promise Le Parker Meridien meets and surpasses. Situated in the heart of midtown Manhattan, it is next to Carnegie Hall and only steps away from Central Park, Broadway theatres and Fifth Avenue’s renowned shops. But Le Parker Meridien offers more than just a fantastic location. All rooms are over 300 [...]
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10 Alternatives to Mother’s Day Brunch in New York City

Been awhile since you and your mom have done something together beyond the obligatory brunch, flowers and chocolates thing? It might just be time to re-write that script. Here are 10 alternatives to Mother’s Day brunch in New York City.

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10 Restaurants With Arts and Smarts

Tired of eating in the chains? Checking Yelp? Chasing down the Michelins? Here are ten restaurants and cafés in some of the most interesting, creative and unexpected spaces and places from New York to London, D.C. to Miami. Venues range from high-end cafeteria to two Michelin star affairs, all drawing inspiration from their unique settings. Get ready to feed your […]

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A Night at WestHouse Hotel New York

We humans are creatures of habit and it’s easy to slide into the predictability of booking the same hotel every time we travel to New York. But the more you get to know the city, the more you realize that just a few blocks one way or the other can make a difference in what you experience. Views and […]

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NYC Pairings: The Creative

City Pairings offer thematic itineraries, seasonally adjusted, that answer the six core questions of travel: Where should I stay? What should I do? What should I see? Where should I eat? What should I drink? and What should I buy? NYC Pairings: The Creative is a New York City pairing for those who love all things arts and culture.

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IfOnly: Remarkable Curated Experiences

San Francisco-based company IfOnly describes themselves as “a marketplace for incredible experiences.” They pair clients with local and international experts in their field – as well as big-name celebrities – for once-in-a-lifetime opportunities such as Heli-skiing with Robert F. Kennedy, cycling with Patrick Dempsey or the ultimate adrenalin rush, a balloon expedition over Mount Everest.

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The Surprising Legacy of New York’s Studio 54

For a place open just 33 months and closed for half a lifetime, New York’s Studio 54 should be nothing more than a footnote in popular culture. But the memory of the nightclub remains fluid, the gold standard by which the success of any other is measured. It was wild. It was sexy. And it was packed with 2,000 of the world’s […]

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Museums of Sex and Erotica

There are so many nooks, crannies and mysteries that lie unexplored in the streets of the neighborhoods we pass through as travellers and locals. They can be tucked away or in plain sight and somehow we don’t see them until we have cause to go looking or otherwise stumble across their path. While under the auspices of sex […]

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Taking it off: The Best of Burlesque

So, I could tell you all about how the roots of burlesque derive from literary, dramatic or musical work that caricatures its serious counterparts. Or how the Minsky brothers brought burlesque to New York in 1908 then moved it to Las Vegas in the 50’s. I can spout figures on speakeasies, discuss laws governing public nudity and […]

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Tying One On: Corsetry

The corset is probably the most controversial garment in the entire history of fashion, according to Valerie Steele, author of The Corset: A Cultural History. It has been promoted by popular culture as a coercive instrument of women’s oppression that crushed ribs and internal organs, caused diseases, and reduced them to ridiculous slaves of fashion with their attempts at the […]

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In one of the most cosmopolitan, high-tech, future-driven cities in the world, there’s something satisfying about people flocking to the streets of Manhattan to enact a ritual sun celebration with roots in Neolithic times. Once a year, on or about July 12th, the setting sun aligns on the east-west axis of the city, providing a fleeting […]

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Test Driving a Tesla

It’s almost impossible to avoid seeing or hearing about tech entrepreneur Elon Musk these days. His face, his voice, his Falcon 9 reusable rocket and his Tesla brand of electric cars are mainstays of media stories across the globe. Tesla Motors was founded in 2003 by a group of engineers in Silicon Valley who wanted […]

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Ten Magellan Hotels and the Luxury House Cars We Love

Yes, you could walk. Yes, you could take a taxi. But if you’re staying at one of our luxury hotels it’s an oversight not to take advantage of their fine chauffeured cars and SUVs. They are usually available on a first-come, first-served basis so consult with your concierge to arrange transportation that dovetails with your […]

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