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Three key spots for your San Fran visit

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Three key spots for your San Fran visit

Sightseeing, live music, food and wine, great shopping and more — San Francisco is a visitor’s paradise.

But if you’re looking to avoid the run-of-the-mill San Fran visitor stuff — or are simply looking for a little more action on your visit and like to stay up a bit late — there are plenty of choices for you in San Francisco. This includes some great spots to grab a drink and enjoy some killer music spun by the city’s best DJs.

Here are three of the best spots to get your dancing on in San Francisco — get some rest during the day, look your best as you leave your hotel and hit the dance floor with locals and visitors alike.

Public Works — 161 Erie St.
For the last five years, Public Works has been the hub of underground dance parties. With their high-end sound system, dance-friendly music and periodic pop-up art galleries, it’s a cool spot to get your groove on. Watch for some epic, extended DJ sessions by some of the world’s best musicians at this spot.

Mighty — 119 Utah St.
Whether you’re in the mood for house, hip-hop or something else completely, Mighty can almost always satisfy your needs. The huge main room is where the serious parties are at, while the smaller room typically offers something completely different.

Mercer — 255 Rhode Island St.
Located nearby the also-happening Mighty, Mercer is an intimate room with a killer sound system that has a great draw of post-happy-hour types. DJs typically play the latest in house, techno, hip-hop, disco, or whatever seems to be doing the best at getting/keeping the party going.

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