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Rate Policies
  • Rates do not include 19.78% tax
  • Rates are based on single or double occupancy
Hotel Fees Policies
  • Standard Speed Wireless: no charge
  • Rollaway: $40 per night
  • Crib: no charge
  • Extra Adult: $20 per night
  • Pets Welcome: no charge
  • Self Parking (In and out privileges): All vehicles - $36 per night
  • Valet Parking (In and out privileges): All vehicles - $45 per night
Smoking Policies
  • Entire property is non-smoking
  • A minimum of $500 deep cleaning fee will apply if anyone smokes in the room
Check in/out Policies
  • Guests must be 18 years or older to check in
  • Check in 3:00 PM - Check out 12:00 PM
  • Early departure fees may vary
    Booking Policies
    • Major credit card required to hold room and is mandatory at check in
    • Requirements above may vary for holidays / special events
    • Guests must present a valid credit card upon check-in to cover incidental charges and the security deposit. The Front Desk will run authorization on your card so your bank or credit card company may reflect this by temporarily reducing your available balance or credit limit. It is not a charge. The authorization ensures that the card is valid and will be released 5 to 10 days after check-out, provided there is no damage, missing inventory, room charges, or excessive cleaning required. Amount authorized at this property: $100.00 CAD per night
    • Please note that if the owner of the credit card we have on file will not be present at check in, the person checking in at the hotel will need to provide their own credit card. If you need to make arrangements to prepay your stay (either for yourself or for someone else), please contact us immediately and we will forward you a Credit Card Authorization Form as hotels usually require a minimum of 7 days processing time.

    Gold Star Perks

    • Call us to learn more

    Hotel Amenities

    • Business Center
    • Fitness Center
    • In-Room Dining
    • The Fortunate Fox


    This boutique hotel found in the iconic Annex neighborhood captures the essence of the nearby heritage homes. It feels more like a residence than a hotel, with woods, patterned rugs, and earthy textures found throughout. Get comfortable in the living room-like lobby with a cozy fireplace and genuine service to welcome you.


    • It’s only a 13-minute walk to Yorkville Village where you’ll find luxury shopping, dining, and lifestyle experiences
    • The famed Bata Shoe Museum is across the street, and the Royal Ontario Museum and Gardiner Museum is walking distance away
    • All suites come with Teac record players and a curated collection of vinyl from Canadian bands
    • Borrow one of the hotel’s bicycles to discover the streets


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    • Jennifer

      0 Review
      We loved this tucked away but very central boutique hotel. The staff is first rate and the gastropub on the main floor is reasonable with decent food. Thanks to Dana Jo at Magellan for helping us with the booking!
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    • Jennifer

      0 Review

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      Service at hotel has been awesome. Restaurant and happy hour is a nice touch.

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