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Unpacking London’s rich art scene

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Unpacking London’s rich art scene

London is an art lover’s dream. No matter what your preferred style – from classic portraits and paintings to modern installations to sculpture, photography and beyond – London’s many galleries offer windows into the minds of some of the world’s great artists.

With so many options for visitors, choosing which galleries, exhibitions and installations to visit can be a bit overwhelming. Here are three must-see art exhibits for your London visit.

Cycle Revolution at Design Museum (opens November 18)
Cycling enthusiasts and fans of all things design will love the Design Museum’s forthcoming Cycle Revolution exhibition. The world’s leading manufacturers will be showcasing their kits and accessories, while the installation also explores the history and culture of cycling, as well as taking a peek into the future of cycling. In an increasingly populated and environmentally conscious world, where will this mode of transportation take us? You’ll have to visit to find out.

The Amazing World of MC Escher at Dulwich Picture Gallery
Dutch graphic artist MC Escher (1898-1972) is well-known for his mind-bending sketches and drawings that seem to change right before your very eyes. Looking at an Escher sketch, we see one thing; suddenly, something else appears on the page from seemingly out of nowhere. His ability to warp perspective gained popularity in the 1960s, embraced by students and fans of counterculture everywhere. The Dulwich Picture Gallery’s exhibit is the first time Escher has had a major U.K. show.

Ai Weiwei at Royal Academy of Arts
Ai Weiwei is more than just a Chinese artist – he’s an activist, a rabble-rouser, a dissident, and one of the country’s biggest names in the art world. Ai takes objects found around him and reconfigures them into cubes and stacks that embrace minimalist inspiration, then messes them up in an attempt to express outrage, imprisonment, non-conformity and repetition. He may not be popular with the Chinese government back home, but Ai Weiwei’s art has plenty to say to those visiting the Royal Academy of Arts this fall.

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