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Why A Personal Stylist is Your New Best Friend

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Why A Personal Stylist is Your New Best Friend

Personal stylists are not just for women. Men are in the same fashion boat but are even less likely than women to seek professional help to build or update their wardrobe.

Who benefits from a personal stylist?

Although it is considered a luxury service, a personal stylist isn’t just for the rich and famous. The purpose of the service is two-fold: to save time on shopping and to build a cohesive lifestyle-appropriate wardrobe that is tailored to your specific needs and wants. The value is in buying clothes that you love, that make you look and feel your best.

There are two kinds of personal stylists (also known as personal shoppers): in-house stylists often associated with a particular luxury department or boutique store, and independent stylists for hire who work across all or many retail brands. Most in-house stylists do not charge a fee for the service but are paid a commission based on what they sell. Independent stylists can be hired by the hour with rates dependent upon their experience, client list and contacts.


  1. They offer a total shopping experience
    From signature pieces, to accessories, shoes and undergarments, your stylist is dedicated to crafting you the perfect look, piece by piece. They’ll make sure you have everything you need so you don’t have to.
  2. They help you meet your wardrobe goals
    They will assist you in creating a wish list and making recommendations on mixing high and low pieces that work to meet your goals. They fill in the blanks in your wardrobe and help keep you on plan.
  3. They’re on speed dial
    Or text. Or Skype. Stylists are on call during the day and some avail themselves 24/7. They can handle fashion emergencies when your luggage has been lost, you’ve forgotten to pack your shoes or you require a special garment for an unexpected evening out.
  4. They offer advice and support to move you beyond your comfort zone
    “That’s not me,” we might say. We are creatures of habit and tend to buy what we’ve always bought. A good stylist will offer up options in style, color and patterns that you would not normally think of or are hesitant to try on. And because of their experience and background, they’re usually right.
  5. They help usher out the “old” and bring in the “new” you
    They ask: When you look in the mirror, what do you want to see? Someone polished? Confident? Spirited? Powerful? A new look or style can help ease major life changes and present a “New You” to the world.
  6. They curate – or build from scratch – your personal style
    The goal of a stylist is not necessarily to dress a client head to toe in one designer, but to make them look effortlessly pulled together. It’s the difference between looking “matchy-matched” or subtly beautiful or handsome.
  7. They know your personal wardrobe better than you do
    As you work with a stylist, they will get to know what you already have that will go with what you’re buying. They’ll solve your sartorial challenges by finding the perfect shade of shoe or source a skirt that you’ve coveted.
  8. They’re better to shop with than your best friend
    They know their stock and can pull from many departments. They do this for a living and are experts in their field. Fashion is not only their job, but often their life’s passion.
  9. They build relationships
    Stylists spend their time building trust with each client. They work to advise their clients honestly, as a trusted advisor. And some stylists do this without ever having met their clients in person; they exchange photos, know their clients’ sizes and personal preferences and ship pieces around the world.
  10. They keep you in the fashion loop
    Stylists contact their clients to let them know about the arrival of fresh merchandise and special events; they will act as your eyes and ears in the world of fashion.

Two of Magellan Luxury Hotels’ partner properties in New York – The Mark and The Quin – offer personal shopping opportunities with Bergdorf Goodman, the city’s powerhouse of luxury retail. Please contact us to find out more.

The Quin - Magellan Luxury Hotels

The Quin is more than just a place to rest your head — it’s a complete wellness experience that will leave you physically and mentally refreshed and relaxed. The hotel and its 208 guest rooms and suites are tastefully and artistically furnished to foster serenity, with tasteful simplicity, clean lines and soft lighting. And with Central Park just steps from the lobby, the best of New York City is just beyond the door of this luxury lifestyle hotel.

The Mark - Magellan Luxury Hotels

Located at the corner of 77th and Madison Ave. since 1927, from the outside The Mark appears to be a beautiful heritage hotel. But step through the doors and you’ll be amazed by the contemporary chic of the interior. Rooms feature custom-made beds, Italian linens, specially chosen furniture, and incredible finishing. And with helpful staff and plenty of nearby shopping, dining and dancing, you’ll be at the heart of it all.

The Plaza Hotel - Magellan Luxury Hotels

The grandeur and opulence of The Plaza Hotel is recognized around the world. Aside from being one of the most famous 5-star hotels in New York, The Plaza Hotel has been providing timeless service and unsurpassed elegance since the doors first opened in 1907. This Central Park-side resident is listed on the New York State Register of Historic Places alongside other noted landmarks such as the Empire State Building. Rich in New York history, this grand hotel boasts royalty, presidents and celebrities on the guest list.

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